Students typically begin confirmation in 6th grade though the start time is flexible; please speak with Pastor Sarah. 1st & 2nd year confirmation students meet together each week.  3rd year students meet with their mentors only.

Topics of Study: Faith in Daily Life, Bible, Ten Commandments, Holy Communion, Holy Baptism, Apostles' Creed

Worship Leadership

All children and youth have opportunities to participate and lead worship during both services. During the Contemporary Service, they can participate in the Worship Band, as an Usher, or as a Scripture Reader. During the Traditional Worship, they can serve as a Scripture Reader, Communion Assistant, Acolyte, Crucifer, and in the Choir.

Grace Time (formerly Sunday School/Adult Ed)

We would like to invite and encourage everyone to join us for Grace Time each Sunday at 9:45 am and concluding at 10:45 am in the sanctuary.  This will be a time for sharing highs and lows, prayer, Bible stories, service projects, and other experiences that will form our faith and build community.  We are looking for leaders to facilitate one hour programs.  We have resources to assist you including books with skits, puppet shows, games, and Bible stories; also many craft kits are available.  You could also plan a service project.  Pastor Sarah, and Grace Time coordinators are available to help you plan for your Grace Time.  You can volunteer with a friend or other member of the church.  God will guide each of us to use our gifts to build community between generations in a fun and loving way.

Our first
Sunday will be September 11 at 9:45 am in Hope Hall where we will revisit The Surf Shack (our VBS theme for 2016).  There will be pictures and video from our week The Surf Shack by Larry Schilling as well as songs led by Pastor Sarah; Skipper and Snappy will also join us.  We will be serving a special beach snack.   Mark your calendars for Grace Time each Sunday beginning September 11.
Please add your prayers for everyone to be willing to come and share Grace Time.  We will have a sign up sheet for those willing to use their gifts on one or more Sundays during September, October, November, and December.

Fundraising Events

Junior & Senior High Youth are encouraged to help with fundraising events throughout the year to help with the costs of youth events. 

Fun Events

We gather together for fun and fellowship!  

Vacation Bible School

Each Summer, Grace provides a week full of music, games, crafts and opportunites to learn and service. Vacation Bible School will run in early June.  All are welcome to attend this event.

First Communion Instruction

Pastor Sarah welcomes any parent whose child appears to be ready to receive Holy Communion to talk with her.  Even if a child is not developmentally ready to receive First Communion Instruction, the child may be ready to receive the sacrament.

As Lutherans, we understand Holy Communion to be a sacrament, a means of grace in which God is the active agent.  Though education about the sacraments are undoubtedly helpful to us as we grow in faith, we will not ever completely understand the mystery of Christ's body and blood in the bread and wine.  Despite the mystery of Holy Communion, this sacrament nonetheless provides "forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation" according to Martin Luther, reformer of the church.

If your child is ready to receive First Communion Instruction, please talk with Pastor Sarah.

Christmas Program & Spring Play

Our Annual Christmas Program is presented each year in December, during Advent.  The Spring Play varies.  For example in May 2015, the youth led a clowning worship.

Safeguarding God’s Children

Our children and youth are precious gifts of God, and we want to make Grace a safe place for our children and youth to grow in faith. Unfortunately, we live in a time when we must ensure the safety of our children and youth through the use of impersonal and comprehensive procedure—such as outlined in our policy Safeguarding God’s Children. Our goal is to prevent any type of abuse or harassment of minors while participating in Grace programming. Anyone who regularly volunteers with our children and youth is required to either go through a background check or provide results of a background check or fingerprint card completed within the last 5 years.

All volunteers of Grace, whether directly ministering with minors or not, are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct. Possession of weapons, physically or psychologically abusive behavior, consumption of alcohol on church property, visible intoxication, and other types of disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.